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Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions For The Busy Attorney

Let's face it, you've got better things to do than your books. You're on the go.  You're meeting with clients, or in court, or knee deep in paperwork.  You need a partner who trusts privacy as much as you do.  It's more than just attorney-client privilege; you need a financial partner.  We understand the difference trust can make.  Whether you are a small practice or a larger law firm, we've got the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help make your financials an asset.

Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables


Most attorneys leave their accounts payables, and their accounts receivables as the last thing on their list.  We've audited attorneys and law firms who had no idea they were still due funds.  Or worse, they had a critical service cancel because they forgot to pay the bill.  The funds were there. . . they just didn't have the time to pay it.  We'll shore up your receivables, tackle your payables and make sure that your finances are as sterling as your reputation.

We Know Attorneys And We Know Washington and Oregon


Law firms choose us because of our effectiveness, but they also appreciate that they can do business with somebody who is local.  We're close by in Washington County, just west of Portland, Oregon.  We're involved in our community, and we understand the nuanced laws, and standards for each state.

Tax Services For Law Firms or Independent Attorneys

Too often, tax season can sneak up on our friends in the legal community.  There's never a good time to prepare taxes.  With our in-depth knowledge of tax requirements, we'll help you get ahead of tax preparation.  Ask us about our quarterly filing, audit preparation and audit compliance services.

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