Trusted Bookkeeping Expertise For Law Firms

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions For The Busy Attorney

Whether you are a small practice or a larger law firm, we've got the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help make your financials an asset.  Elite Bookkeeping Services Inc. is a valuable resource for sole practitioners and small law firms who use QuickBooks® financial software. EBS has more than 15 years of experience in law firm bookkeeping and Trust Accounting and has an excellent reputation with attorneys, staff, bar associations, tax advisers, and tax agencies.

Financial Assurance 

How can you grow your firm if you don’t know the numbers? How can you implement a marketing budget?  How can you measure your return on any marketing (or other) investments you make? Bookkeeping is the single most powerful tool for giving you objective, actionable data about the financial health and well-being of your enterprise. Capturing useful and meaningful data doesn’t have to be terrifying. Indeed, it may very well be the most empowering habit you have ever developed for your business.

We Know Attorneys And We Know Washington and Oregon


Law firms choose us because of our effectiveness and efficiency, but they also appreciate that they can do business with somebody who is local.  We're close by in Washington County, just west of Portland, Oregon.  We're involved in our community, and we understand the nuanced laws, and standards for each state.